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NEW Solutions is proud to connect professionals, age 55+, with part-time and full-time opportunities throughout the country. These are non-federal, grant-administered positions and are not meant to compete with private sector wages.  Duties range from clerical and administrative to technical and scientific. Search below to see how you can utilize your expertise!

Please Note: Experienced workers participating in the Program are called enrollees and are not considered employees of the federal agency nor NEW Solutions. You would be applying to be a participant in a program operated by NEW Solutions.  You are not bestowed any rights or privileges as an Enrollee or guaranteed employment for any definite period of time. Enrollment in any Programs is temporary. The enrollment relationship between NEW Solutions and the Enrollee is an at will relationship. This means that an Enrollee is free to terminate his or her enrollment at any time during the enrollment period, and NEW Solutions and the specific agency have the right to terminate the relationship with the Enrollee.

How to Apply

1. Click the state listed below or shaded in blue to see open positions. If you don't see any positions in your state, Click Here and submit your application to our general apply.