New York, NY
New York, NY
Monday - Friday, Days
ID:NPSSMHS-002-002Location:New YorkProgram:NPS
Wage/Hr:$50.00Hours/Week:10Minimum Age:55

This position supports the Stephen T. Mather Building Arts and Craftsmanship High School. ? The NPS Experienced Services Program is a unique partnership created to help solve the workforce issues facing government agencies. The program connects experienced workers (age 55+) to the NPS to provide scientific, technical, and administrative support. ? NPS ESP positions are meant to provide temporary, project-based support. This position is currently funded for an estimate of 22 weeks. ? A background security investigation may be required prior to the start date. Only those positions with 30+ hours per week are eligible for health insurance benefits; all positions will accrue sick leave. ? The experienced workers participating in the Program are referred to as "Enrollees" and are not employees of the NPS or NEW Solutions. NEW Solutions is the ESP non-governmental organization responsible for administrative aspects of the program, and the Enrollees work under NPS direction to assist the Agency staff in carrying out their mission. NPS ESP Enrollees benefit from the opportunity to keep technical skills current; to access new training opportunities; to engage in gainful project-based positions; and to undertake meaningful tasks using their experience and talent to contribute to the environment, the national economy, and their own financial security.


Minimum of 10 year(s) of experience in welding and/or blacksmithing OR AA/HS Degree


    The purpose of this position is to provide training to high school students in conducting repairs of historic monuments, sculptures, plaques, and cannons.

    • Participtes in the repair, maintenance, restoration, preservation, and/or rehab of historic monuments and cultural resources. Performs both inside and outside finish work. Plans and executes work ranging from initial layout to final assembly. Interprets and applies plans, specifications, blueprints and other guides and codes, and determines methods/materials best suited to the work.   30%
    • Provide training to High School and College aged youth on safe and effective use of oxy/acetylene and or electric arc welders, Tungsten Inert gas Systems (T.I.G.), Shielded Metal Arc Welding (S.H.A.W.) and/or historic blacksmithing methods used to cut, shape, weld, and forge metal objects, hardware, and metal components.   30%
    • Utilizes both hand and power tools to complete projects. Works from oral or written instructions from the monitor. Ensures that all conservation work monuments, sculptures, plaques, and cannons conform to National Park Service and preservation profession's standards.   30%
    • Personally performs hands-on preservation/restoration work utilizing various trade skills such as welding, masonry, sandblasting, painting, machining, etc. to weld, braze, fabricate, blacksmith, operation of heavy equipment, carpentry, rigging, and restoring various types of metals to reapir cannons, historic fences, plaques, and monuments.   10%

    • NPS systems and processes
    • Health and Safety Considerations: Safety training will involve a review of all tools to be used and shop orientation.
    • Required Safety Gear: Enrollee must wear protective clothing and equipment such as hard hats, respirators, safety shoes, safety goggles, gloves, etc.
    • Physical requirements: Enrollee's duties require physical effort such as climbing, crawling, and lifting up to 100 pounds. The work is performed both indoors and outdoors, either on site, in the Monument shop or in the Cannon shop. work may be performed on uneven terrain and/or heights in excess of six feet, presenting a high degree of exposure to potential injury or equipment damage. All appropriate safety guidelines will be observed by the incumbent.

    NEW Solutions is committed to promoting equal opportunity and to an environment free from discrimination and harassment in any form administering Experienced Worker Programs under cooperative agreements with federal agencies. It is NEW Solutions' policy to comply with all applicable laws that provide equal opportunity and to prohibit unlawful discrimination in enrolling participants in the federal programs.